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Sanef Télécoms, operating as part of the Sanef group, helps the territories it crosses to develop on a daily basis. Thanks to our fibre optic network, our towers and our Data Centre, we offer the widest coverage possible within our territories, with data transport and hosting services adapted to the needs of businesses, communities and operators.

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We possess our own network and we control it. With over 2,900 km of dedicated optical cables, our telecom network interconnects Paris to the main public local loop initiatives, as well as to the German, Belgian and Luxembourg borders.

Fibre optique
Data center


At Sanef Télécoms we are committed above all to ensuring the security and availability of the resources you need to allow your business to function. Within our Data Center we can host:

  • - Your information system
  • - Your cloud platform
  • - Your disaster recovery / business continuity plans

Allowing you to benefit from the reliability and power of our telecom infrastructures.


Our 200 towers host mobile phone operators, service providers offering very high speed broadband in white and grey areas and IoT operators.

Pylones Sanef

Our Network

Local loops and POP operators interconnected with the Sanef Télécoms network

Paris : TH1, TH2, Netcenter Courbevoie, Equinix (PA1), Roissy Pôle (Telia)

Beauvais : Teloise

Compiègne : Téloise

Amiens : Tutor Somme

Incarville : SMO Eure Numérique

Charmont-sous-Barbuise : APRR

Caen : SFR

Arras : Arras Networks

Reims : Jupiter

Metz : Moselle Télécoms

Strasbourg : Rosace

Alençon : Cofiroute

Berck : CA2BM

Valenciennes : Redheval

Deauville : Tutor Côte Fleurie

Le Havre : CODAH / SFR

Lille : CIV

Cambrai : CAC

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